Subject: Trademark Results: 45

A Study Of Indian And Us Trademark Law Relating To The Effect Of

This paper surveys the operation of user requirements and the effect of non-use of trademarks in USA and India and examines what constitutes ‘use’ of  ...Read More

By: Thilini Kahandawaarachchi | | Trademark

An Economic Analysis Of Rise Of Service Marks

Structural and competitive evolution of modern economies has increased the importance of service trademarks. Among other factors, decline of human in  ...Read More

By: Andrea Mangàni | | Trademark

Analysis Of The Mysterious Element Of Quality Control In Trademark Licensing

This article is about the practice of trademark licensing done without an exercise of quality control which in the legal parlance is known as ‘naked  ...Read More

By: Raman Mittal | | Trademark

Bioinformatics Databases: Intellectual Property Protection Strategy

Intellectual property (IP) protection for bioinformatics databases plays a key role in accelerating development of biological sciences and biotechnol  ...Read More

By: Junli Chang and Xuezhong Zhu | | Trademark

Border Areas for The Protection of Intellectual Property Rights: An Analysis

The primary focus of this article is to analyse the issues concerning the enforcement of intellectual property at the border. The paper compares and  ...Read More

By: Mr. Harsh Kumar | | Trademark

Collective Trade Marks: An Overview

Collective marks are usually defined as signs which distinguish the geographical origin, material, mode of manufacture or other common characteristic  ...Read More

By: Prachi Gupta | 10/22/2013 | Trademark

Colour Marks: The Law And Psychology

Colours are the most appealing and everlasting source of memory for any average human being. It helps a person to distinguish between various things  ...Read More

By: Adyasree Prakriti Sivakumar | 12/13/2018 | Trademark

Comparative Advertising And Product Disparagement Vis-à-vis Trademark Law

Comparative advertising by means of using another’s trademark is permissible, however while doing so the advertiser cannot disparage the goods or ser  ...Read More

By: Mr. Uphar Shukla | | Trademark

Concurrence In Trade Mark Usage- Concern, Not For The Honest

The article analyses the provisions relating to the concurrent use of one Trade mark by two or more persons.  ...Read More

By: Kanisshka Tyagi And Isha Mehta | 08/05/2014 | Trademark

Cyberspace−conflicting Jurisdictional Spheres Of Litigating Ipr Claims

Cyberspace is an amorphous space which operates logically and its domain covers many areas of law and regulation including intellectual property righ  ...Read More

By: Tushar Kanti Saha | | Trademark
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