Subject: Power And Energy Results: 12

Captive Generation By Ctu Under The Electricity Act, 2003 - Contextually Prohibited?

“The starting point of this article is to analyse the meaning of “person” under the Electricity Act, 2003 especially in light of the expression “unle  ...Read More

By: Devansh A. Mohta | 08/26/2013 | Power and Energy

Challenges Faced By Power Purchase Agreement

India is world's 6th largest energy consumer, accounting for 3.4% of global energy consumption. Due to India's economic rise, the demand for energy h  ...Read More

By: Miss Kriti Parashar | 02/23/2011 | Power and Energy

Civil Liability For Nuclear Damage Act, 2010: A Critical Review

India has had no special legislation about liability under civil law for nuclear damage. Instead, the general law about damages outside of contractua  ...Read More

By: Faizanur Rahman | 07/19/2018 | Power and Energy

Is Electricity A Good Or Service

In this manuscript the Author want to explain the debatable issue in India, Whether electricity is considered as goods or services in the common parl  ...Read More

By: Agan H Maloo | 01/10/2019 | Power and Energy

Legal And Policy Framework On Unconventional Gas In India

Basically, most of the oil and natural gas that can be produced using traditional methods is already being accessed. As new technologies are introduc  ...Read More

By: Dr. Uday Shankar | 09/06/2017 | Power and Energy

Liability For Nuclear Damage Arising Out Of Peaceful Use In India

Liability for nuclear damage arising out of peaceful use is a controversial topic all globally. The international liability regime puts a cap on such  ...Read More

By: Miss Upasana Dasgupta | | Power and Energy

Production Sharing Contract For Exploitation Of Hydro Carbon Resources

The adoption of an effective mechanism to develop the hydro carbon resources is significant for any growing economy to meet its energy security.  ...Read More

By: Raj Kumar | 08/05/2014 | Power and Energy

Renewable Energy And The Wto - The Limits Of Government Intervention

This paper examines the role of the government in designing and supporting renewable energy programs and the compatibility of such interventions with  ...Read More

By: James J Nedumpara | | Power and Energy

Renewable Energy In India: Study Of Law And Policy

The quest for clean energy may be considered as panacea to energy crisis and adequate response to the concern of climate change. Exploration of energ  ...Read More

By: Uday Shankar & Utpal K Raha | 10/23/2015 | Power and Energy

Scrutinizing Judicial Over-reach Within The Domain Of The “new Wealth”: Public Policy Post The Coalgate Era

The disposal of a group of Public Interest Litigations by the Supreme Court of India on 25th August 2014, in the matter between M.L Sharma vs. Princi  ...Read More

By: Devarshi Mukhopadhyay | | Power and Energy
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