Subject: Patent Results: 236

'diagnostic Method' Patent Model-patent Incentives And Socio-ethical Concerns

Medical methods have been excluded from the scope of patentability by most countries in consideration of ethics inherent in the practice of medicine.  ...Read More

By: Kalyan C Kankanala | | Patent

‘efficacy’ Factors Under Section 3(d): A ‘law And Economics’ Perspective

The undefined status of ‘efficacy’ under Section 3(d) results in a lot of legal uncertainty due to the possibility of its misinterpretation and misap  ...Read More

By: Aditya Kant | | Patent

‘exhausting’ Patent Rights In India: Parallel Imports And Trips Compliance

India’s amendment to her patent regime in 2005 to introduce pharmaceutical product patents attracted unprecedented attention, both domestically and g  ...Read More

By: Shamnad Basheer | | Patent

A Relook At Inventors’ Rights

The Leahy-Smith America Invents Act, 2011 brought in significant changes that transformed the very basis of the patent system; this included the shif  ...Read More

By: Prerna Wardhan And Padmavati Manchikanti | | Patent

A Study Of Patenting Activity In Aloe Vera

The article studies Aloe vera based patents searched in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database, European Patent Office (EPO)  ...Read More

By: Bharvi Dutt | | Patent

Abrogating Sovereign Immunity In Patent Infringement Cases In India:retreating Without Disgrace

A broad overview of the present patent regime internationally, reveals that States have an untrammelled, unbridled privilege to derogate from any bur  ...Read More

By: Devaditya Chakravarti, Karmanye Thadani, Varun Chablani and Alok Nayak | | Patent

Accommodating Long Term Scientific Progress: Patent Prospects In Thepharmaceutical Industry

This article examines the recent theoretical justifications of the patent system. The design of the patent system is considered through the lens of t  ...Read More

By: Nithya Anand | | Patent

Alternative Incentive Models Delinking R&d Costs From Pharmaceutical Product Price

The current incentive model based on the patent system is a failure in promoting pharmaceutical R&D addressing developing country health needs. It al  ...Read More

By: T G Agitha | | Patent

An Attempt At Quantification Of ‘efficacy’ Factors Under Section 3(d) Of The Indian Patents Act

This policy paper attempts to develop a very simplistic theoretical model for helping patent authorities determine the patentability / patent-eligibi  ...Read More

By: Aditya Kant | | Patent

An Industry In Transition: The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

A brief description of Indian pharmaceutical industry, including public health and health infra-structure, is given. The global healthcare research e  ...Read More

By: M D Nair | | Patent
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