Subject: Human Rights Results: 143

(trans) Gressing The Binary: Coalitional Self-determination For The ‘third Gender’ Framework

In National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) v. Union of India, the Supreme Court of India legally recognized the existence of a ‘third gender’ iden  ...Read More

By: Akshita Pandit | | Human Rights

A Dead Letter To Constitution: Addressing Structural Inequalities

Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is one of the most debatable issues amongst the various religious communities in India. The concept of UCC is pitched in the  ...Read More

By: Miss Varsha Gupta | | Human Rights

A Human Rights Approach To Goods And Service Tax (gst) In India

The constitution of India empowered the Central Government and State Government to impose different types of direct and indirect taxes  ...Read More

By: Jagdish G Surti | | Human Rights

A Human Rights Approach to Protection of Indigenous Knowledge: Looking
at Solutions Beyond the Intellectual Property Law Regime


The growing concern over indigenous peoples’ right to protection of indigenous  ...Read More

By: Cyril Darlong Diengdoh* | 11/28/2008 | HUMAN RIGHTS

A Right To Have Rights – The German Constitutional Concept Of Human Dignity

The German constitution declares in its first Amendment that human dignity is inviolable and declares its protection a duty of the state. The followi  ...Read More

By: Christoph Enders | | Human Rights

A Symbiotic Relation Between Human Rights And Consumer Protection

The word consumer is generic and broad, encompassing different categories of persons. The hirer, the buyer, the patient seeking medical services, the  ...Read More

By: Dr. Shubhada Gholap | | Human Rights

Aadhaar: Wrong Number, Or Big Brother Calling?

Aadhar, touted by its supporters as the ultimate tech solution to India’s development problems, failed to bring the UPA back to power. Despite having  ...Read More

By: Kalyani Menon Sen | | Human Rights

Access To Justice For The Socially And Economically Failed

In the words of Prof. Sidgwick: “In determining a nation’s rank in political civilization, no test is mote decisive than the degree in which justice  ...Read More

By: Nikita Singh | | Human Rights

Afspa: A Mockery Of Human Rights

India is popularly considered as a nation which gives due importance to the rights and liberties of its citizens. It has absorbed the ideals of democ  ...Read More

By: Mr. Aayush Kumar And Miss. Prateeti Goyal | | Human Rights

An Analysis-rights Of Women Under The Indian Constitution

It is a harsh reality that women have been ill-treated in every society for ages and India is not an exception to this universal problem  ...Read More

By: Raghuvir K Devani | | Human Rights
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