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Authenticating Electronic Evidence: §65b, Indian Evidence Act, 1872

65A and 65B of the Evidence Act, 1872 were introduced in 2000 with the aim to lay down admissibility standards for electronic evidence in courts.  ...Read More

By: Ashwini Vaidialingam | | Evidence Law

Confessions, Police Officers And § 25 Of The Indian Evidence Act, 1872

The Indian Evidence Act, 1872, made significant derogations from common law on the topic of confessions. § 25, which makes confessions to police offi  ...Read More

By: Abhinav Sekhri | | Evidence Law

Critical Analysis Of The Relevancy Of The Medical And Forensic Evidences In The Rape Cases

India being the developing country, where the women are the equally participant in the development of the country as men do. From the very beginning  ...Read More

By: Shivangi Vyas And Shubham Kejriwal | | Evidence Law

E-evidence - Managing The Challenges

Due to enormous growth in e-governance throughout the Public & Private Sector and e-commerce activities Electronic Evidence have involved into a fund  ...Read More

By: Neeraj Aarora | 04/10/2015 | Evidence Law

Evidential Value Of Dna: A Judicial Approach

DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid, which is a double stranded long molecule and appears like a twisted rope ladder or double helix. Alternating phosphate  ...Read More

By: Dr. Himanshu Pandey, Anhita Tiwari | | Evidence Law

Is The Indian Criminal Justice System More Inclined Towards The Accused?

There was no criminal law in uncivilized society. Every man was liable to be attacked on his person or property at any time by any one. The person at  ...Read More

By: Monika Verma | | Evidence Law

Summaries And Secondary Evidence: Transnational Legislative Borrowing In Colonial India

This paper traces the historical origins of §65(g) of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872, which permits summaries of voluminous documents to be admitted i  ...Read More

By: Mr. Abhinav Chandrachud | | Evidence Law

The Future Of The Similar Fact Rule In An Indian Evidence Act Jurisdiction: Singapore

In yet another attempt to bridge the gap between the rules of an antiquated statute and the modern realities of practice, Singapore’s Evidence Act wa  ...Read More

By: Chen Siyuan | | Evidence Law

The Language Of Evidence In Rape Trials

That rape trials Victimise the rape survivorl a second time over, has often been stated by activists, policy makers and judges alike? Indeed, she is  ...Read More

By: Saumya Maheshwari | | Evidence Law

Use Of Modern Scientific Tests In Investigation And Evidence: Mere Desperation Or Justifiable In Public Interest?

Recent times have witnessed a spate in the use of modern scientific techniques such as the lie detector, brain mapping and narco analysis, for use in  ...Read More

By: Abhyudaya Agarwal and Prithwijit Gangopadhyay | | Evidence Law
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