Subject: Education Results: 16

Convocation Address: The Viable University

Are there any basic conditions that have to be met if the university is to be viable as an institution for the pursuit of science and scholarship? Th  ...Read More

By: André Béteille | | Education

Enhancement Of Maritime Law Education In The Indian Context

Trade is the life blood of a nation and shipping is the predominant mode through which international trade is carried out. India, as an emerging econ  ...Read More

By: Proshanto K. Mukherjee | | Education

Fundamental Right To Free Primary Education In India

In 2002, the Constitution of India was amended and article 21A was inserted into Part III of the Constitution that provides for Fundamental Rights. A  ...Read More

By: Khagesh Gautam | | Education

It’s All About The People - Hierarchy, Networks And Teaching Assistants In A Civil Procedure Classroom Comm Unity

Critics of traditional law school education bemoan the stratified professorstudent status hierarchy, because it provides such an impoverished prepara  ...Read More

By: Jennifer E Spreng | | Education

Legal Education At The Crossroads

Unlike the prevalent discussion in the established scholarship associated with legal education, this article presents an alternative to the prevailin  ...Read More

By: Supriya Routh | | Education

Legal Education In The Era Of Information And Communication Technology: An Analysis

IN THE lap of globalization, with the blessings of information and communication technology, the term ‘Legal Education’ touches multi-dimensional str  ...Read More

By: Dr. Jay Prakash Yadav | | Education

Profiteering In The Higher Education Sector In India

With India’s fruitful demographic dividend, the burden has fallen on the State to use all measures and procure all means to reap the advantages that  ...Read More

By: Gayatri Loomba | | Education

Recasting The Llm - Course Design And Pedagogy

The introduction of the one-year Master of Laws (LLM) has been touted as a game changer for post-graduate legal education in India  ...Read More

By: Sudhir Krishnaswamy And Dharmendra Chatur | | Education

Right To Education Act- Noble Ideas But Impractical Approach

Right to Education is a noble idea rooted in the Supreme Law of our country. It ensures that all the children should have access to education, irresp  ...Read More

By: Komal Vig And Suhas K Hosamani | | Education

Right To Education: A Critical Evaluation Of The Right Of Children To Free And Compulsory Education Act, 2009 In The Light Of 4 A’s Framework

It is said that ‘mother and that father are enemies, who do not give education to their children’. Right to education means that these rights-holders  ...Read More

By: Ravindra Kumar And Preeti Misra | | Education
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