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4g Peer-to-peer Technology – Is It Covered By Copyright?

This article highlights the legal issues that have developed since the advent of the fourth generation peer-to-peer (4G P2P) Internet file transmissi  ...Read More

By: M Sakthivel | | Copyrights

A Collective Rights Society For The Digital Age

Variations in digital copyright law in the international sphere have created unnecessary transaction costs to both consumers and producers who wish t  ...Read More

By: John Maloney | | Copyrights

Actors In India: Asking To Bestow Their Morality Rights

Bollywood Actors are considered as to be the lifeline of Indian Society. However, this lifeline is getting weak day by day due to the infirmities get  ...Read More

By: Monika Verma | 08/05/2014 | Copyrights

An Analysis Of The Theory Of Contributory Infringement

The paper deals with contributory infringement of copyright which has recently been highlighted in various litigations involving P2P technology, one  ...Read More

By: Sneha Jha and Samar Jha | | Copyrights

Bootlegging – Its Impact On Sound Recording Industry And Legal Responses

As is known to all sound recording is considered a subject matter for copyright protection. But it is also a known fact that fixation in a tangible  ...Read More

By: Ms. Hima Lawrence | | Copyrights

Celebrity Rights: Protection Under Ip Laws

Protecting celebrity rights under intellectual property (IP) laws is a significant development in the field of intellectual properties rights. Celebr  ...Read More

By: Tabrez Ahmad and Satya Ranjan Swain | | Copyrights

Challenges To Copyrightable Work In Cyberspace

Copyright has a direct relation to the sphere of cyber space. The Internet poses a large number of problems in the area of copyright protection. Thes  ...Read More

By: Subhasis Saha and Sourav Keshri | | Copyrights

Cinematographic Lyricists Right To Royalty: Myth Or Reality?

This paper deals with the issue of a cinematographic lyricist’s right to copyright royalty after the producer of a film has been assigned the right.  ...Read More

By: Kirti Dahiya | | Copyrights

Comparative Analysis Of Copyright Protection Of Databases: The Path To Follow

Databases are generally perceived as static warehouses, storing up valuable facts and information. With the advent of e-commerce, entire businesses a  ...Read More

By: Tabrez Ahmad* and Sourav Dan | | Copyrights

Comparative Issues On Copyright Protection For Films In The Us And Greece

Film protection by copyright has both advantages and disadvantages. This article deals with the legal protection of films in Greece and the United St  ...Read More

By: Sotiris Petridis | | Copyrights
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