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A Critical Analysis On Coercion With Respect To Indian Contract Act

Since the intrusion of a contract, the consent is thought to be its most fundamental component. There are different elements which impacts the consen  ...Read More

By: Harsh Mishra | 12/14/2017 | Contract

A Primer On Share Purchase Agreement

In order to identify the appropriate parties to the transaction and to establish their respective capacity to contract, the clause describing parties  ...Read More

By: Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar | 06/23/2015 | Contract

Adjudication Of Claim For Damages Under Sections 73, 74 And 75 Of Indian Contract Act, 1872

According to Oxford dictionary the term ‘damages’ are defined as ‘financial compensation for loss or injury’. In law, damages are money claimed by, o  ...Read More

By: B.v.r. Sarma, Senior Law Officer, Vpt (retd.) & Advocate, Visakhapatnam | 02/04/2014 | Contract

Agency- Paramount Features Of Agent

In the contemporary world, with the advancement and evolvement of legal terminology and knowledge, lot of intricacies has entered in the formation of  ...Read More

By: Dibya Prakash Behera | 05/30/2016 | Contract

Agent’s Authority- Judicial Interpretation

An agent is a person employed to do any act for another or to represent another in dealings with third persons  ...Read More

By: Priyanshu Gupta | 05/01/2015 | Contract

Agreements Which Restrain Legal Proceedings – An Analysis

Section 28 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 “28. Agreements in restraint of legal proceedings void. - Every agreement,-  ...Read More

By: B.v.r. Sarma, Senior Law Officer, Vpt (retd.) & Advocate, Visakhapatnam | 07/02/2014 | Contract

Basic Prerequisites For Rent And Lease Agreements In India

The article covers all the crucial points that a layman should know before having a lease agreement or a rent contract. While having an agreement bot  ...Read More

By: Prashanti Upadhyay | 04/29/2016 | Contract

Contractual Liability Of The State In India: An Analysis

In the modern era of a welfare state, government's economic activities are expanding and the government is increasingly assuming the role of the disp  ...Read More

By: Ms. Swati Rao | 07/27/2011 | Contract

Contractual Validity Of The Agreement Under Ratification

Principal has the authority to ratify or reject the acts which are done by the agent acting out of the authority but it should be done for principal  ...Read More

By: Dhruvi Mehrotra | 12/07/2018 | Contract

Deal Or No Deal Is Fine… But Valid Deal Or Invalid Deal?

Contract law is governed by the Indian Contract Act, 1872.  ...Read More

By: Vikrant Shetty | | Contract
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