Subject: Constitution Results: 335

'due Process' V. 'procedure Established By Law' Framing And Working The Indian Constitution

The Constitution of India is known for borrowing key concepts and provisions from constitutions all over the world. Being the fundamental law of the  ...Read More

By: Shivangi Gangwar | | Constitution

'universalist' Rights And 'particularistic' Restrictions: Note On Justice K. S. Puttaswamy (retd.) Case

This paper critiques the Supreme Court of India's application of comparative constitutional law in its judgment in Justice K. S. Puttaswamy (Retd.) &  ...Read More

By: Abhijeet Singh Rawaley And J.p. Singh | | Constitution

‘quit Or Be Disqualified’: Does Continuing As Speaker Inviting Expulsion From One’s Party Warrant Disqualification Under The Tenth Schedule?

The recent expulsion of Lok Sabha Speaker, Mr. Somnath Chatterjee from his party has raised not just a flutter in the political circles, but also man  ...Read More

By: Deepak Raju and Karthy Nair | | Constitution

‘right To Privacy’ In Naz Foundation: A Counter-heteronormative Critique

The link between sex and privacy is not self-evident. The protection of the ‘right to privacy’ is accorded to only those sex acts that have the norma  ...Read More

By: Saptarshi Mandal | | Constitution

“Eat, Pray, Law”: Implications of the Absence of a Coherent Regulatory Regime and the Problem of Genetically Modified Food in India

The article involves an examination of the legal regime governing genetically modified foods in India. It contains a brief conspectus of the history  ...Read More

By: Viswambharan V S | | Constitution

“hey Doc, I Am Suffering Too Much, Can End It By Ending Me?”

A man, even if seriously sick or prevented in the exercise of its higher functions, is and will be always a man . He will never become a ‘vegetable’  ...Read More

By: Raghav Joshi | | Constitution

A Balancing Act

After reading an interesting editorial piece by Justice Markandey Katju of the Supreme Court, the debate between the media’s freedom of expression an  ...Read More

By: Sameer Boray | | Constitution

A Capabilities Approach To Access To Justice

This article examines the association between ensuring access to justice to those traditionally deprived of such and the development of capabilities  ...Read More

By: Promit Chatterjee & Sreerupa Chowdhury | | Constitution

A Case For Universal Basic Income In India

Universal Basic Income (‘UBI’) is a regular cash payment made to all individuals by the State without any means or work testing. It has historically  ...Read More

By: Shrikrishna Upadhyaya And Sukriti | | Constitution

A Comparative Analysis Of Indian Privacy Law And The Asiapacific Economic Cooperation Cross-border Privacy Rules

In today’s global economy, and particularly for India, the importance of strong, enforceable, and internationally interoperable data protection stand  ...Read More

By: David J. Kessler, Sue Ross And Elonnai Hickok | | Constitution
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