Journal: NUJS Law Review Results: 266

`Tribunalisation' of India's Competition Regime

The 42nd Amendment to the Constitution is often blamed for opening the floodgates for 'tribunalisation' in the country. The rapid growth in tribunals  ...Read More

By: Anusha Ramesh | | Competition / Antitrust

‘Hire and Fire’ In 2nd National Commission on Labor

Since the release of the report of 2nd National Commission on Labour in 2002, there has been a major apprehension regarding its philosophy among scho  ...Read More

By: Kumarjit Banerjee and Bulbul Khaitan | | Employment Laws

‘Ma Patrie, C’est La Langue Française’ – Linguistic Imperialism and Minority Language Rights in International Law

Orwell’s dystopian masterpiece, 1984, describes a society where the government manipulates the thought process of its subjects by forcing them to com  ...Read More

By: Kartik Tripathi | | International Law

‘quit Or Be Disqualified’: Does Continuing As Speaker Inviting Expulsion From One’s Party Warrant Disqualification Under The Tenth Schedule?

The recent expulsion of Lok Sabha Speaker, Mr. Somnath Chatterjee from his party has raised not just a flutter in the political circles, but also man  ...Read More

By: Deepak Raju and Karthy Nair | | Constitution

3D Printing – An Analysis of Liabilities and Potential Benefits within the Indian Legal Framework

The present has begun to be revolutionised with the advent of 3D printing – technologically as well as socially. We are steadily gravitating away fro  ...Read More

By: Shardha Rajam And Adya Jha | | Information Technology/Cyber Law

A Case Against Delay As A Ground For Commutation Of Death Sentences

With the pronouncement of the judgments in Triveniben v. State of Gujarat, Mahendra Nath Das v. Union of India and Shatrughan Chauhan v. Union of Ind  ...Read More

By: Zubin Dash And Shashank Singh | | Criminal

A Case For Enacting Adequate Sports Legislation Through An Analysis Of The Legal Debacle Of The 2010 Common Wealth Games

In this paper I argue that the lack the sports legislation in the country was one of the reasons behind the Commonwealth Games organizational fiasco.  ...Read More

By: Shan Kohli | | Miscellaneous

A Case For Universal Basic Income In India

Universal Basic Income (‘UBI’) is a regular cash payment made to all individuals by the State without any means or work testing. It has historically  ...Read More

By: Shrikrishna Upadhyaya And Sukriti | | Constitution

A Legal Exclusion through ‘Criminalization’, ‘Stigmatization’ and ‘Invisibilization’ in the Pre and Post-Independence India

Law as an institution strives to perform both inclusionary and exclusionary functions in any societal structure. In the present paper, the author hig  ...Read More

By: Mr. B. B. Pande | | Criminal

A Right To Have Rights – The German Constitutional Concept Of Human Dignity

The German constitution declares in its first Amendment that human dignity is inviolable and declares its protection a duty of the state. The followi  ...Read More

By: Christoph Enders | | Human Rights
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