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“Eat, Pray, Law”: Implications of the Absence of a Coherent Regulatory Regime and the Problem of Genetically Modified Food in India

The article involves an examination of the legal regime governing genetically modified foods in India. It contains a brief conspectus of the history  ...Read More

By: Viswambharan V S | | Constitution

A Comparative Study Of The Application Of Strict Liability Principles In Sports: Critiquing Anti-doping Policies; Examining ‘illicit Crowd Chanting’ And Match Fixing

Sports are an integral part of our lives and are constantly looked at for encouraging the values of competition, integrity and team work in our lives  ...Read More

By: Shivankar Sharma And Pranav Menon | | Miscellaneous

A Dead Letter To Constitution: Addressing Structural Inequalities

Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is one of the most debatable issues amongst the various religious communities in India. The concept of UCC is pitched in the  ...Read More

By: Miss Varsha Gupta | | Human Rights

A Movement Without A Language

It seems obvious that the Anna Hazare led movement has petered out. What is far from obvious is why the movement, even at its peak, seemed destined t  ...Read More

By: Vivek Dhareshwar | | Miscellaneous

Cloud Computing And Its Legalities In India

Cloud computing refers to mode of storage of data and information that concerns providing hosted services over the internet  ...Read More

By: Pritish Sahoo And Taruna Jaiswal | | Information Technology/Cyber Law

Command Responsibility In International Criminal Law

The objective of the present article is to make a focused analysis of the “should have known” standard of the mental element in command responsibilit  ...Read More

By: Lakshmi V | | Criminal

Consumer Interest Litigation Under The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 In India: A Critical Analysis

The technology and law are said to be in race with each other. This requires law to amend itself and evolve so as to keep its promise of maintaining  ...Read More

By: Showkat Hussain | | Consumer

Determinism and the Annihilation of Mens Rea

Criminalization is the process of labelling a particular human conduct illegal, involving censorship from the State showing its disapproval of such c  ...Read More

By: Abhirup Bangara | | Criminal

Development in Law and Use of Technology: Relevance for Judge’s Research

The Judiciary is one of the institutions on which rests the noble edifice of democracy and rule of law  ...Read More

By: Jasdeep Kaur | | Information Technology/Cyber Law

Economic Implications of Groundwater Markets in India

Groundwater is regarded as a major source of irrigation in our agriculture sector.  ...Read More

By: Amrita Sarkar | | Miscellaneous
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