Journal: India Journal of Law Results: 62

A Collective Rights Society For The Digital Age

Variations in digital copyright law in the international sphere have created unnecessary transaction costs to both consumers and producers who wish t  ...Read More

By: John Maloney | | Intellectual Property Rights

A Foreign Outlook On Satyam Infoway Ltd. V. Siffynet Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The first dispute over a domain name occurred in 1993, over the name Since then, there have been innumerous rulings all around the world ma  ...Read More

By: Cédric Manara | | Intellectual Property Rights

A Legal comparison of the India Software law and the Software Law of Germany

India has emerged as one of the leading destinations for offshore outsourcing in software industry and has attracted the attention of software indust  ...Read More

By: Thomas E. Soebbing | | Information Technology/Cyber Law

Access To Medicines, Paragraph 6 Of The Doha Declaration On Public Health, And Developing Countries In International Treaty Negotiations

Paragraph 6 of the Doha Declaration on Public Health, dealing with access to medicines for countries lacking the manufacturing capacity for them, bec  ...Read More

By: Daya Shanker | | International Law

Balancing Online Privacy In India

There have been disturbing press reports and Articles on the Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008. The sea counts broadly wallowed out the in  ...Read More

By: Apar Gupta | | Information Technology/Cyber Law

Beyond Copyright : Possible Solutions to an Internet Governance Regime

COPYRIGHT HAS OUTLIVED ITS UTILITY Along time ago, a brilliant example of man’s scientific vision came to light with Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natur  ...Read More

By: Meera Jayakumar & Hemangini Dadwal | | Information Technology/Cyber Law

Bias In Search Results? : Diagnosis And Response

The author explores allegations of search engine bias, including understanding a search engine’s incentives to bias results, identifying possible for  ...Read More

By: Benjamin Edelman | | Information Technology/Cyber Law

Big Data & Litigation: Analyzing The Expectation Of Lawyers To Provide Big Data Predictions When Advising Clients

In recent years, the words “big data” have reverberated in multiple industries across numerous countries – from social media platforms to banks such  ...Read More

By: Siegfried Fina And Irene Ng (huang Ying) | | Civil

Book Review - 'Overlapping Intellectual Property Rights' by Neil Wilkof and Shamnad Basheer (eds.)

The Intellectual Property laws have a foundation, as many believe, in John Locke's labour theory of property and broadly recognise the need to protec  ...Read More

By: V Lakshmi Kumaran | | Intellectual Property Rights

Copyright, Cultural Production And Open-content Licensing

This article seeks to introduce the complex world of open-content licences against the backdrop of the massive expansion of copyright in recent years  ...Read More

By: Lawrence Liang | | Intellectual Property Rights
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