Journal: Journal of Intellectual Property Rights Results: 665

‘Copyright World’ and Access to Information: Conjoined via the Internet

Access to information, despite wide intellectual acceptance, is still a struggle for many in various quarters of the world. In today’s era there exis  ...Read More

By: Tania Sebastian | | Intellectual Property Rights

‘Efficacy’ Factors under Section 3(D): A ‘Law and Economics’ Perspective

The undefined status of ‘efficacy’ under Section 3(d) results in a lot of legal uncertainty due to the possibility of its misinterpretation and misap  ...Read More

By: Aditya Kant | | Intellectual Property Rights

‘Exhausting’ Patent Rights in India: Parallel Imports and TRIPS Compliance

India’s amendment to her patent regime in 2005 to introduce pharmaceutical product patents attracted unprecedented attention, both domestically and g  ...Read More

By: Shamnad Basheer | | Intellectual Property Rights

‘Judima’ The traditional Rice Wine of Dimasa Community of Assam: A Potential Candidate for GI Registration

A geographical indication (GI) is also a tool to protect traditional knowledge (TK), and can promote the trade of TK based GI products. North East In  ...Read More

By: Jupi Gogoi | | Intellectual Property Rights

“BREXIT” and Intellectual Property Protection in the UK and The EU

The UK referendum vote of 23 June 2016 on “BREXIT”, in favour of leaving the European Union (EU), will have significant consequences for the protecti  ...Read More

By: Trevor Cook | | Intellectual Property Rights

4G Peer-to-Peer Technology – Is it Covered by Copyright?

This article highlights the legal issues that have developed since the advent of the fourth generation peer-to-peer (4G P2P) Internet file transmissi  ...Read More

By: M Sakthivel | | Intellectual Property Rights

A Critical Review of China’s Approach to Limitation of The Internet Service Provider’s Liability: A Comparative Perspective

In an information society, granting the Internet Service Provider (ISP) exemption from liability under certain circumstances is an important approach  ...Read More

By: Wenqi Liu | | Intellectual Property Rights

A Critique of the Indian Law and approach towards Protection of Geographical Indications with specific reference to Genericide

The TRIPS Agreement prescribes minimum standard of protection for geographical indications (GIs) and additional protection for wines and spirits. Th  ...Read More

By: J Adithya Reddy & Siladitya Chatterjee | | Intellectual Property Rights

A Critique of The Indian Patent Assignments Regime: Pre-Invention Assignments and Employee's Inventions

Employer-Employee relations have become a key component of technological development. The Employer, who is more often than not an institution, provid  ...Read More

By: Nikhil Issar And Akshay Goel | | Intellectual Property Rights

A Relook at Inventors’ Rights

The Leahy-Smith America Invents Act, 2011 brought in significant changes that transformed the very basis of the patent system; this included the shif  ...Read More

By: Prerna Wardhan And Padmavati Manchikanti | | Intellectual Property Rights
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