Source: The Indian Journal of Law Results: 55

‘scandalizing The Fallible Institution’: A Critical Analysis Of The Varied Judicial Approach On Criminal Contempt

Justice is not a cloistered virtue: she must be allowed to suffer the scrutiny and respectful, even though outspoken comments of ordinary men  ...Read More

By: Rupesh Aggarwal | | Contempt of Court

A Conceptual And Legal Analysis On How Film Censorship Hampers The Freedom Of Artistic Expression

Freedom of artistic expression is the principle that an artist should be unrestrained by law or convention in the making of his or her art. All perso  ...Read More

By: Chandana Arval | | Media and Telecommunication

An Armistice Between Right To Privacy And Right Of Surveillance

The Supreme Court on 24 August, 2017 upheld the Right to Privacy. Despite this proclamation, a major question remains still unanswered that “What doe  ...Read More

By: Varun Kalra And Ramisha Jain | | Civil

Beyond The Risk Society: Tackling The Threats To Human Security

In the recent times we need human security more than ever. With new threats developing every single day – from poverty to hunger; from unemployment t  ...Read More

By: Deeya Barik | | Human Rights

Claiming Sovereign Defamation Under Cisg And Uncitral In International Commercial Arbitration

There are numerous international commercial transactions taking place all around the world, some of them taking place even now as the paper is being  ...Read More

By: Miss Sreeja | | Arbitration

Classification Of Contempt Of Court Under Direct And Indirect Heads – The Myth And Realities

Though the basic nature of all contempt of courts are ensuring due administration of justice, contempt of court is broadly classified under civil and  ...Read More

By: Dr. A.p. Rajeesh | | Contempt of Court

Comparative Advertising and Generic Disparagement: A Probe into its Status in the Indian Legal System in the light of Recent Cases

Advertising means, the making of a representation in any form in connection with a trade, business, craft or profession in order to promote the suppl  ...Read More

By: Pratyayee Saha And Rudrani Sengupta | | Intellectual Property Rights

Comparative Constitutional Analyses Of Nigeria’s Local Government System

Taking it from independence in 1960, Nigeria’s political development and constitutional engineering show that the military regimes, (particularly fro  ...Read More

By: Dr. S.g.ogbodo And U.e.okolocha | | International Law

Constitutional Role And Independency Of Attorney General

If men were angels, no Government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on Government would be nec  ...Read More

By: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk | | Constitution

Copyleft: “Copying” Done “Right”

Since its inception, mankind has come a long way. And ever since then, it has been continuously evolving towards a better world. Humans tend to devel  ...Read More

By: Arushi Maheshwari And Kartik Agarwal | | Intellectual Property Rights
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