Source: Environmental Law Results: 32

A Critical Examination Of The State Of Environmental Governance Under Prime Minister - Narendra Modi

India has developed its own unique jurisprudence on Environmental issues over time, largely framed by policy that has been adopted by the government  ...Read More

By: Leo F. Saldanha | | Environment

Addressing Inequality Trends In Climate Change Mitigation Policy Measures And Projects: Reflections On Post 2012 Outlooks

As negotiators continue to map out post-2012 climate change regimes to replace the Kyoto Protocol, it is important to consider and reflect on some of  ...Read More

By: Damilola S. Olawuyi | | Environment

Book - Review: Environmental Law

The book 'Environmental Law' authored by Dr. P.S. Jaswal and Dr. Nishtha Jaswal effectively seeks to provide a fundamental understanding of the subst  ...Read More

By: Vijender Kumar | | Environment

Brexit and Implications for Environmental Law

Britain's exit from the European Union, (Brexit) came in the wake of a referendum where 51.9% of those voting chose to leave. On 29 March 2017, the U  ...Read More

By: Dr Paul Stookes | | Environment

Case Comment On The Niyamgiri Hills Case

The Indian Supreme Court has played an important role in shaping the jurisprudence around environmental rights. The Court relying heavily on internat  ...Read More

By: Dr. N. Vasanthi | | Environment

Climate Change Litigation In India: Seeking A New Approach Through The Application Of Common Law Principles

The increase in the number of climate change litigation has come under the public scanner in recent times. Climate change litigation is marred by the  ...Read More

By: Arindam Basu | | Environment

Conceived In Rio, Born And Raised In Geneva, Frequenting Paris, Yet To Go Around The World: The Regulation Of Traditional Medicinal Knowledge

The regulation of tradional medicinal knowldge is yet to become comprehensive at international and national levels. Despite its increasing global sig  ...Read More

By: Senai W. Andemariam | | Environment

Desired Institutional And Legal Environment For Implementing Pes Mechanisms In India

Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) is still in its formative years in India. While the creating of markets for ecosystem services has been theoret  ...Read More

By: Madhu Verma And Dhaval Negandhi | | Environment

Environmental Refugees: The Grey Area

The issue dealing with the plight of 'environmental refugees', has become relevant in today's times with an ever increasing importance. It has been  ...Read More

By: Tanya Singhal And Kriti Chopra | | Environment

Impacts Of Overlapping Protected Areas On Poverty Alleviation: A Case Study Of The Three-parallel Rivers Area

Overlap of protected Areas happens here and there in China. Overlapping protected areas increase the costs and decrease the benefit of protected area  ...Read More

By: Wang Huanhuan "qin Tianbao" | | Environment
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