Journal: Comparative Constitutional Law And Administrative Law Quarterly(CALQ) Results: 49

A Constitutional Analysis Of The Restrictions On Prediction Of Voters' Preferences By The Media

'Exit Polls' rest on unstable constitutional tectonic plates eager to erupt without notice. It has equal and opposite forces, pulling at it, as its p  ...Read More

By: Amrita Vasudevan And Bhanu Pratap Singh Sambyal | | Election

A Global Administrative Law Approach to Regulating Transnational Corporations with Respect to Human Rights Violations in Developing Countries

The problem that is sought to be addressed herein is the issue of transnational corporations ("TNCs") slipping through the gaps of human rights regul  ...Read More

By: Akshaya Kamalnaath | | Constitution

Administrative Agency and Statutory Interpretation: A Comparative Analysis

Can an administrative body interpret statutes? In modern times, given the complexity of society, governance requires several statutes that are specia  ...Read More

By: Roopashi Khatri | | Civil

Advocate Asaduzzaman Siddiqui V. Bangladesh: Bangladesh's Dilemma With Judges' Impeachment

Like the major constitutional systems of the world, Bangladesh had a parliamentary removal process for the judges of the highest court. The system wa  ...Read More

By: M Jashim Ali Chowdhury And Nirmal Kumar Saha | | Civil

Appointment Of Judges And The Composition Of National Judicial Appointment Commission: The Basic Structure Conundrum

This article scrutinizes the necessity of prescribing the composition of National Judicial Appointment Commission ["NJAC"] in the Constitution as opp  ...Read More

By: Hrish Choudhary And Amrutanshu Dash | | Constitution

Aspirational Constitutionalism, Social Rights Prolixity And Judicial Activism: Trilogy Or Trinity?

The epistemic community of constitutionalists and experts in public law is called to critically examine the main assumptions of fundamental social ri  ...Read More

By: Catarina Botelho | | Constitution

Commercial Speech: A Variant or a Step-Child of Free Speech

The manufactured notion of commercial speech has played a vital role in the establishment of a water-tight hierarchy amongst different forms of speec  ...Read More

By: Akhil Deo And Joshita Pai | | Constitution

Contextualising The Right To Be Forgotten In The Indian Constitution: Juxtaposing Right To Privacy And Right To Free Speech

Privacy laws around the world posit a nuanced interdisciplinary of two constitutional freedoms: right to privacy and right to freedom of speech and e  ...Read More

By: Komal Khare And Devershi Mishra | | Constitution

Dancing In The Dark: The Right To Effective Legal Assistance In India

Conversations about legal aid and assistance in India have, by and large, been solely focused on the issue of access to counsel alone.  ...Read More

By: Abhinav Sekhri | | Constitution

Due Process' v. 'Procedure Established by Law' Framing and Working the Indian Constitution

The Constitution of India is known for borrowing key concepts and provisions from constitutions all over the world. Being the fundamental law of the  ...Read More

By: Shivangi Gangwar | | Constitution
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