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Unnikrishnan's Case: A Review

Every asset can be shared by shares, but education of every individual cannot be shared as an asset

Author: Heena Makawana   /Vol: Volume 1 |  Subject: Constitution |  (Academic Journals)

Offence of Rape - A Human Rights Perspective

Human rights violation have become very common now-a-days

Author: Dhara S Panchal   /Vol: Volume 1 |  Subject: Criminal |  (Academic Journals)

Surrogacy And Human Rights-issues

The word surrogae originates from Latin word surrogates to act in the place

Author: Amardeep Shani   /Vol: Volume 1 |  Subject: Human Rights |  (Academic Journals)

Position of Child Labour in India- A Critical Study

Children are our greatest hoe and assets

Author: Hemangini B Arya   /Vol: Volume 1 |  Subject: Human Rights |  (Academic Journals)

SARFAESI Act vis-a-vis Human Rights

The SARFAESI Act has given ample powers to banks and financial institutions that in case the account....

Author: Rajesh Kumar Singh   /Vol: Volume 1 |  Subject: Human Rights |  (Academic Journals)

Judicial Activism: Humanising Arrest and Detention Laws in India

Life and liberty of the people are meaningless in the absence of law enforcing machinery like the po....

Author: Rekha Kumari R   /Vol: Volume 1 |  Subject: Human Rights |  (Academic Journals)

An Analysis-rights Of Women Under The Indian Constitution

It is a harsh reality that women have been ill-treated in every society for ages and India is not an....

Author: Raghuvir K Devani   /Vol: Volume 1 |  Subject: Human Rights |  (Academic Journals)

Disabled Children And Education: A Human Rights Perspective

Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty....

Author: Hemang C Shah   /Vol: Volume 1 |  Subject: Human Rights |  (Academic Journals)

Human Rights Of Older Persons: National And International Initiatives

Traditional Indian families had joint family system wherein the elderly persons were taken proper ca....

Author: Namrata Solanki   /Vol: Volume 1 |  Subject: Human Rights |  (Academic Journals)

Right To Privacy And Freedom Of Expression In Cyber Space

Salmond defines a legal right as, an interest recognized and protected by a rule of legal justice

Author: Ermala Dayal   /Vol: Volume 1 |  Subject: Human Rights |  (Academic Journals)