Journal: National Law School of India Review Results: 315

‘Madness at the Margins’: The Place of Foucault and Derrida in the Postmodern Critique of Law

Amongst contemporary legal academia, it is often argued that many jurisprudential theories of the past tend to reflect a characteristic ‘upbringing’,  ...Read More

By: Abu Mathen George | | Criminal

21st Century - Nuclear War or Gandhism?

The 20th Cenrury has witnessed two things: Gandhi's non-violence and nuclear weapons. Which one will the 21st century choose and why?  ...Read More

By: Mr. G. Natraj | | Miscellaneous

A Cautionary Tale of The Transplant Effect on Indian Corporate Governance

During the last decade, there has been a sustained effort on the part of Indian regulators to strengthen corporate governance norms. This has been st  ...Read More

By: Mr. Umakanth Varottil | | Corporate - Company/Partnership

A Comparative Analysis Of Indian Privacy Law And The Asiapacific Economic Cooperation Cross-border Privacy Rules

In today’s global economy, and particularly for India, the importance of strong, enforceable, and internationally interoperable data protection stand  ...Read More

By: David J. Kessler, Sue Ross And Elonnai Hickok | | Constitution

A Concise History of Corporate Mergers and the Antitrust Laws in the United States

American merger control law today is governed primarily by regulators and not courts, focusing on consumer welfare and efficiency. This was not alway  ...Read More

By: C. Paul Rogers Iii | | Corporate - Company/Partnership

A Possible Reading Of “the Nature Of The Judicial Process”

This paper, very simply put, is an attempted subversive reading of an influential text on how judges reach a decision—The Nature of the Judicial Proc  ...Read More

By: Mr. Sandipto Dasgupta | | Civil

A Realist's Account Of The Bombay High Court's Decision In The Vodafone Case

The authors here present a realist's view of the decision of the Bombay High Court in Vodafone International Holdings B.V. v. UOI The authors argue t  ...Read More

By: K. Swaminathan And Gouri Puri | | Direct Taxation

A Simple Thought-Experiment: Turing Games with a Unified Code of Procedure

Over the years legal scholars and judicial commissions in India have noted that the most pervasive and 'pathological' problem afflicting India's lega  ...Read More

By: F.e. Guerra-pujol And Sydjia Thiane Robinson | | Civil

A Study Of Rehabilitative Penology As An Alternative Theory Of Punishment

There is a logical contradiction at the heart of the idea imprisonment which is that you are taking people away from society, away from the law-abidi  ...Read More

By: Miss Namita Wahi | | Criminal

Access To Knowledge In India

This essay is a preview of the author's upcoming book Access to Knowledge in India: New Research on Intellectual Property, Innovation, and Developmen  ...Read More

By: Lea Shaver | | Intellectual Property Rights
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