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Shivraj Singh Chauhan V Speaker Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly (2020)

An imbroglio in the Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly over resignation of 22 Members and communications by the Governor to Chief Minister to hold immediate floor test has given rise to dispute betwe....

Author: Vaibhav Pimpale   |  Subject: Election |  (Case Studies & Briefs)

Ascertaining what Constitutes a Permanent Establishment: An Analysis of DIT vs. M/S Samsung Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.

International trade and commerce inherently involve growing cross-border transactions between compan....

Author: Harshda Bakshi and Ashray Behura   |  Subject: Direct Taxation |  (Case Studies & Briefs)

Analysis of the Concept of Gift in Muslim Law – A Case Comment on V. Sreeramachandra Avadhani v. Shaik Abdul Rahim, (2014)9 SCC 350

This judgment of Supreme Court was delivered by two-judge Bench comprising of Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar, Justice RohintonFaliNariman. In this case comment, researchersshall deal with the aspect of ....

Author: Palak Maheshwari and Aniket Pandey   |  Subject: Civil |  (Case Studies & Briefs)

Case Summary: Virsa Singh V. The State Of Punjab

The trial Court convicted one Virsa Singh (hereinafter referred to as the ‘accused’) for the offence of murder u/s 302 of IPC and his conviction as well as sentence was upheld by the High Court of Pun....

Author: Sparsh Sharma   |  Subject: Criminal |  (Case Studies & Briefs)

Rajasthan Cylinders Containers Ltd. V. Union of India & Ors., 2018: A New Competition Jurisprudence, The Landmark Judgment of Parallel Pricing In Oligopoly

Where on one end, the economic practices have taken a new course in the free play market by liberalization in this contemporary era, the other side of coin is still dreary and dry by restricting these....

Author: Pranay Bhattacharya   |  Subject: Corporate - Company/Partnership |  (Case Studies & Briefs)

Privacy Rights of AIDS Patients in India: A Case Comment on Landmark Case of Mr. ‘X’ Vs. Hospital ‘Z’

AIDS (Acquired immuno deficiency syndrome) is a lethal incurable immuno disorder & for it we can say prevention is the only remedy in present scenario. Thus, an AIDS patient is usually isolated by soc....

Author: Nitin Agnihotri   |  Subject: Human Rights |  (Case Studies & Briefs)