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Rajasthan Cylinders Containers Ltd. V. Union of India & Ors., 2018: A New Competition Jurisprudence, The Landmark Judgment of Parallel Pricing In Oligopoly

Where on one end, the economic practices have taken a new course in the free play market by liberalization in this contemporary era, the other side of coin is still dreary and dry by restricting these....

Author: Pranay Bhattacharya   |  Subject: Corporate - Company/Partnership |  (Case Studies & Briefs)

Privacy Rights of AIDS Patients in India: A Case Comment on Landmark Case of Mr. ‘X’ Vs. Hospital ‘Z’

AIDS (Acquired immuno deficiency syndrome) is a lethal incurable immuno disorder & for it we can say prevention is the only remedy in present scenario. Thus, an AIDS patient is usually isolated by soc....

Author: Nitin Agnihotri   |  Subject: Human Rights |  (Case Studies & Briefs)