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Vodafone Versus India: A Never-Ending Saga

The Supreme Court is the Apex Court of the Country, it is called the sentinel on qui vive. However, ....

Author: Swarnendu Chatterjee and Chetna Alagh   Year: 2020 /Vol: 1 /Issue:I & II |  Subject: Miscellaneous | Date: 28 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

Commercial Contracts during Pandemic and Force Majeure Events: Coronavirus Crisis and Post-Pandemic World

The rapid spread of novel Corona-virus (“Covid-19”) has reasoned unforeseen developments across all ....

Author: Pranay Bhattacharya and Akshat Mall   Year: 2020 /Vol: 1 /Issue:I & II |  Subject: Contract | Date: 28 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

Inverse Proportion of Online Gaming and its Regulation: More we play less they Regulate

In the backdrop of the current pandemic, digital platforms have come for the rescue of the masses.

Author: Abhishek Gupta and Shubham Gupta   Year: 2020 /Vol: 1 /Issue:I & II |  Subject: Information Technology/Cyber Law | Date: 28 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

Trade-Off between Health and Privacy: Amid the Pandemic

On each progressing day with a change in digit whether we leaf through the newspaper or on our phone....

Author: Pragya Khubani and Prakhya Shah   Year: 2020 /Vol: 1 /Issue:I & II |  Subject: Information Technology/Cyber Law | Date: 28 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

Purposive and Consequentialist Discourse on the 'Right to Privacy’

Constitutional Interpretation is an evolving tool of Statutory Interpretation. Indian jurists have t....

Author: Kanak Mishra   Year: 2020 /Vol: 1 /Issue:I & II |  Subject: Constitution | Date: 27 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

COVID-19: Treatment as Force Majeure under UNCISG and the Impact on World Trade

“COVID-19 commonly known as coronavirus has affected 210 countries and territories around the world ....

Author: Yashika Sharma and Nitesh Mahech   Year: 2020 /Vol: 1 /Issue:I & II |  Subject: Miscellaneous | Date: 27 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

Right to Education of Proletariats amid COVID 19: A Privilege or an Opportunity?

‘That is education which leads to liberation- liberation from ignorance which shrouds the mind; liberation from superstition which paralyses effort, liberation from prejudices which blind the vision o....

Author: Ishita Singh and Manmeet Kaur   Year: 2020 /Vol: 1 /Issue:I & II |  Subject: Education | Date: 27 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

China & Who: Imputability for the Pandemic

The principles of International Law aim at the promotion of social and economic development without ....

Author: Aarushi Kapoor and Sanjana Gupta   Year: 2020 /Vol: 1 /Issue:I & II |  Subject: International Law | Date: 27 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

Domestic Violence: Whether surfaced during COVID-19 or an already existing knot?

COVID-19 is creating various hurdles and challenges with regard to human rights that includes the ri....

Author: Sanjana Dayal and Alankrita Katiyar   Year: 2020 /Vol: 1 /Issue:I & II |  Subject: Miscellaneous | Date: 27 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

International State Responsibility & Global Pandemics: The Case of China’s Accountability for COVID-19

The outbreak of the coronavirus from the People’s Republic of China has brought the world to a stand....

Author: Gautam Devansh Aneja and Paridhi Gaur   Year: 2020 /Vol: 1 /Issue:I & II |  Subject: International Law | Date: 27 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)