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Short Note on the Invariant Relation between Laws and Theories in the Field Of Political Science

Like many other subjects, political science also has many areas of analysis and studies where the laws and political science converge in the political governance of the state. For a political theory t....

Author: S. Srinivasa Sathyanarayanan   Year: 2021 /Month: 7 /Vol: 2 |  Subject: Miscellaneous | Date: 23 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

Underlying Works in Sound Recordings: The Underlying Complexities

The moment a sound recording is heard, it becomes evident that there exist not one but many elements....

Author: Harshit Bhoi   Year: 2021 /Month: 7 /Vol: 3 /Issue:3 |  Subject: Intellectual Property Rights | Date: 20 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

Trade Related Investment Measures: An Overview

In this paper, an attempt has been made to understand an analysis of the agreement on Trade-Related Investment Measures (TRIMS) which is a piece of the Marrakesh Agreement where the Uruguay round of n....

Author: Navneet Sewak   Year: 2021 /Month: 7 /Vol: 3 /Issue:3 |  Subject: International Law | Date: 20 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

“Till Death do us Apart”- A Promise of Love and Respect or A Prerogative to Rape?

Marriage is a promise of love and respect and our society considers it to be a very sacred bond betw....

Author: Ashika Ranjan and Ipsita Parida   Year: 2021 /Month: 7 /Vol: 3 /Issue:3 |  Subject: Criminal | Date: 20 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

The Question of Substantial Compliance of Section 50, Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances act, 1985

The seizures of Narcotics have seen a steady rise recently, and each case is governed by its own com....

Author: Abhishek Gurawa   Year: 2021 /Month: 7 /Vol: 3 /Issue:3 |  Subject: Miscellaneous | Date: 20 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

The Nature of Torts in India as an Uncodified Branch of Law

In the ordinary lives that most citizens lead, torts as ‘civil wrongs’ play an important role in add....

Author: Unnati Gambani   Year: 2021 /Month: 7 /Vol: 3 /Issue:3 |  Subject: Law of Torts | Date: 20 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

The Metastasis of Transnational Cyber Attacks and International Law: A Catch 22 Situation

The need of the highly technologized world is fulfilled via computers, computer systems and internet....

Author: Niharika Julka and Muskan Nagpal   Year: 2021 /Month: 7 /Vol: 3 /Issue:3 |  Subject: Information Technology/Cyber Law | Date: 20 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

The Doctrine of Res Gestae: A Critical Analysis

To decide who is wrong and who is right in any case or suit before the court of law, evidence is req....

Author: Harshika Mehta   Year: 2021 /Month: 7 /Vol: 3 /Issue:3 |  Subject: Evidence Law | Date: 20 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

The Doctrine of Exhaustion of Alternate Remedy: A Conceptual Analysis

The Constitution of India enables an aggrieved persons to approach the High Courts and Supreme Court....

Author: Deepnainee Kaushal   Year: 2021 /Month: 7 /Vol: 3 /Issue:3 |  Subject: Constitution | Date: 20 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

The Concept of Law in Jurisprudence

The topic basically discusses about the importance of concept of law in Jurisprudence and how it hol....

Author: Rohan Priyam   Year: 2021 /Month: 7 /Vol: 3 /Issue:3 |  Subject: Jurisprudence | Date: 20 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)