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Balancing The Power of Anti-arbitration Injunction With The Competence of Investment Tribunals: Union of India V Vodafone Group Plc United Kingdom

The High Court of Delhi in India declined to issue an anti-arbitration injunction filed by Union of ....

Author: Dr. Aniruddha Rajput   Year: 2020 /Month: June /Vol: 7 |  Subject: Arbitration | Date: 14 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

Post-Divortium Shared parenting Potentiality Versus Actuality

Post-Divortium child custody is one of the most convoluted issues under family laws across the globe....

Author: Dr. Owais Hasan Khan   Year: 2020 /Month: June /Vol: 7 |  Subject: Family Law | Date: 14 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

The Dilution of Article 32 Convenience Over Right

Article 32 – the cornerstone of the Indian Constitution – has been diluted by the Supreme Court. The fundamental right guaranteeing the right to move the Court for enforcement of one’s fundamental rig....

Author: Prakhar Chauhan and Raghuveer Nath   Year: 2020 /Month: June /Vol: 7 |  Subject: Constitution | Date: 14 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

The Public Interest Gamble in An Anti-dumping Inquiry Testing Indian Waters

In recent years, governments across the world have been using various trade remedial measures such as anti-dumping/safeguard/countervailing duties to provide protection to their domestic manufacturers....

Author: Ashish Chandra and Anupal Dasgupta   Year: 2020 /Month: June /Vol: 7 |  Subject: Civil | Date: 14 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

Gender, Health and Development: What Latitude For Law in Nigeria?

Health is a critical aspect of the development status in the modern world.

Author: Dr. Oluwakemi Adekile   Year: 2020 /Month: June /Vol: 7 |  Subject: International Law | Date: 14 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

Judicial Recusal: A Comparative Analysis

Judicial recusal refers to an underlying principle according to which, a judge is expected to abstain from participating in legal proceedings due to conflict of interest that might exist in the outcom....

Author: Priyadarshini Barua and Sarthak Makkar and Vasanthi Hariharan   Year: 2020 /Month: June /Vol: 7 |  Subject: Civil | Date: 14 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

Case Comment: The Supreme Court’s Afspa Ruling

The Supreme Court passed an interim order regarding the alleged fake encounters or extra-judicial ex....

Author: Praggya Surana   Year: 2018 /Vol: 5 |  Subject: Criminal | Date: 08 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

Criminal Justice System In India: Need For Systemic Changes

‘Criminal Justice System in India: Need for Systemic Changes’ is edited

Author: Priya Kala   Year: 2018 /Vol: 5 |  Subject: Criminal | Date: 08 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

Book Review: Legal Culture In United States

The book, ‘Legal Culture in the United States’, by Kirk W. Junker is a comprehensive book for the re....

Author: Amit Kumar Kashyap   Year: 2018 /Vol: 5 |  Subject: Civil | Date: 08 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

Review of Courting The People: Public Interest Litigation In Post-Emergency India

The book, written by Anuj Bhuwania and published by Cambridge University Press, New Delhi (2017) (IS....

Author: Mr. Deepak Kumar   Year: 2018 /Vol: 5 |  Subject: Constitution | Date: 08 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)