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The Charm of Artificial Intelligence in Health Care: An Insight into the Challenges of Implementation

Artificial Intelligence is considered to be the most transformative technology in the 21st Century since Alan Turing’s comment in 1950 on machines intelligence capacity. One of the early candidates to....

Author: Ankita Shaw and Pragya Srivastava   Year: 2021 /Month: 1 /Vol: 4 /Issue:1 |  Subject: Information Technology/Cyber Law | Date: 02 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

The Citizenship (Amendment) Act vis-a-vis the Indian Constitution

Indian Citizenship has been an untended controversy since the period of partition with Pakistan.

Author: Dashampreet Kaur   /Month: 1 /Vol: 4 /Issue:1 |  Subject: Constitution | Date: 02 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

The Entanglement of the Principles of Natural Justice befitting to Competition Law

The Principles of Natural justice are entrenched in the judicial proceedings to unveil the whimsical....

Author: Anandha Kumar. V   Year: 2021 /Month: 1 /Vol: 4 /Issue:1 |  Subject: Competition / Antitrust | Date: 02 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

The Companies Amendment Act, 2020: An Initiative Towards Ease of Doing Business

The Companies (Amendment) Act, 2020 was introduced in the Lok Sabha on 28th September, 2020 with a view to promote the ease of doing lawful business in the country by legitimizing compoundable offen....

Author: Vidur Gugnani   Year: 2021 /Month: 1 /Vol: 4 /Issue:1 |  Subject: Corporate - Company/Partnership | Date: 02 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

The Evolution of the Principle of Fixation and Revision of Minimum Wages under the Code on Wage Bill, 2019

The Second National Commission on Labour recommended that the existing labour laws must be amalgamat....

Author: Sirgapoor Sahil Reddy   Year: 2021 /Month: 1 /Vol: 4 /Issue:1 |  Subject: Employment Laws | Date: 02 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

The Confluence of Judicial Guidelines and Justice

In various instances, the Supreme Court of our country has resorted to issuing guidelines on matters....

Author: Gayatri Gunjal   Year: 2021 /Month: 1 /Vol: 4 /Issue:1 |  Subject: Constitution | Date: 02 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

“The Law reigns”- Understanding the ‘Rule of Law’ Concept from a Comprehensive Perspective

The globalised and progressive political atmosphere of India is definitely a temptation that can create undesirable behaviours from the prudent politicians and government officials of the country, whi....

Author: C.S. Ullasan and Dr. Rajesh   Year: 2021 /Month: 1 /Vol: 4 /Issue:1 |  Subject: Constitution | Date: 02 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

The Manipulative Language and the Need and Ways to Overcome It

The article named “The Manipulative Language and the Need and Ways to Overcome it” is intended to sh....

Author: Liya Mary Maxido   Year: 2021 /Month: 1 /Vol: 4 /Issue:1 |  Subject: Miscellaneous | Date: 02 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

The Obscure case of Secularism in India

It has been long debated whether or not India is a secular country

Author: Priyansh Priyadarshi   Year: 2021 /Month: 1 /Vol: 4 /Issue:1 |  Subject: Constitution | Date: 02 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)

The Paris Agreement: A Critical Analysis

Environmental law is relatively a new notion and the need to protect it dawned on humankind very rec....

Author: Kiran Satish   Year: 2021 /Month: 1 /Vol: 4 /Issue:1 |  Subject: Environment | Date: 02 Jul 2021 |  (Academic Journals)