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Theory of Distributive Justice under Indian and South Sudanese Constitution : A Comparative Analysis

The Republic of South Sudan is a home to a population of 12 million people based on the controversial and disputed 2008 Sudan’s population census. Its creation came about as a result of long colonial ....

Author: Dr. Varun Chhachhar   Year: 2019 /Month: 9 /Vol: 8 /Issue:2 |  Subject: International Law |  (Academic Journals)

The War is Coming - Self Defence in Cyberspace

“Computer’s aren’t the thing, they are the thing that gets us to the thing.”1Computers have indisputably gotten us many things which were unimaginable 20 years ago. But, they also got us to a point wh....

Author: Rohit Ranjan Praveer   Year: 2019 /Month: 3 /Vol: 8 |  Subject: Information Technology/Cyber Law |  (Academic Journals)

Obviously it is Israeli Genocide of the Palestinians! In Pursuit of Truth in International Life and Law

International Criminal Law (ICL) is an evolving jurisprudence. It attempts to attain the collective goal of present world order, maintaining international peace and security. Genocide is a massive hum....

Author: N. Mohamed Rabi   Year: 2019 /Month: 3 /Vol: 8 |  Subject: International Law |  (Academic Journals)