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Condition of Cops/Police in India - An Analysis

Police are the official guardians of the society which have the duty to maintain law and order in the state. They are being criticised by the members of the society on every step because of their brut....

Author: Ms. Akanksha Madaan   Year: 2014 /Month: 9 /Vol: Volume 1 /Issue:(2014-2015) |  Subject: Miscellaneous |  (Academic Journals)

One Person Company - A Critical Analysis

According to Sec. 2(62) of The Companies Act, 2013, "OPC (One Person Company) means a company which ....

Author: Ms. Ishita Chelawat   Year: 2015 /Month: 1 /Vol: Volume 1 /Issue:(2014-15) |  Subject: Corporate - Company/Partnership |  (Academic Journals)

"surrogacy In Indian Legal Context - A Bliss Or Curse?"

Surrogacy is that topic which is in talks from the ancient times and is been known to almost every societies of the world. Surrogacy means to carry the child for the other woman who is not capable of ....

Author: Mr. Aditya Mishra   Year: 2015 /Month: 1 /Vol: Volume 1 /Issue:(2014-15) |  Subject: Miscellaneous |  (Academic Journals)

Gender Neutral Laws- How Needful in India?

Under Section 375 and 376 of the Indian Penal Code, only a man can be convicted of committing rape and the victim can only be a woman. Further, the laws relating to stalking, voyeurism and sexual hara....

Author: Ms. Shweta Kabra   Year: 2014 /Month: 1 /Vol: Volume 1 /Issue:(2014-15) |  Subject: Jurisprudence |  (Academic Journals)

Capital Punishment On Rarest Of Rare Case : Is It Just And Fair?

Death penalty is one of the most debated, ancient forms of punishment in almost every society. Awarding capital punishment on rarest of rare cases includes a lot of controversies in different judgemen....

Author: Ms. Akanksha Madaan   Year: 2014 /Month: 1 /Vol: Volume 1 /Issue:(2014-15) |  Subject: Criminal |  (Academic Journals)

"decision Of Honourable Supreme Court On Section 377 Of Indian Penal Code Is It Just And Fair?"

Homosexuality is one of the most ancient debated issues in almost every society. Decision of Honourable Supreme Court in Suresh Kumar Kaushal v. Naz Foundation 3 case on homosexuality in Section 377 o....

Author: Ms. Akanksha Madaan   Year: 2014 /Month: 1 /Vol: Volume 1 /Issue:(2014-15) |  Subject: Criminal |  (Academic Journals)