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Notification Search in Legal Search

Purpose: To help and assist clients in finding notifications with the limited information they have with them.

Search Criteria/filters:

  • Ministry/Authority
  • Department
  • Title
  • Date

How it works: On the different combinations of Mnistries/Authorities, Departments, Title and Date.


  • There are three search criterias i.e. Ministries/Authorities, Title and Date. Notifications can be searched through any of the abovementioned criterias. One can also use different combinations to get more exact results.

Ministries/Authorities: Pre-defined Ministries/Authorities list has been provided in drop down. One need to select the Ministry/Authority from the list to get relevant results.

Departments/Boards: Pre-defined list of Deparments/Boards has been provided in drop down. List appears only after selecting the Ministry/Authority having different departments. One can select the Department/Board to get more exact results.

Title Search: Search notifications by the titles provided.

Date: Search notifications according to the notification dates

  • It works for Central Notifications/Circulars only.

In case you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.