New On Manupatra

Meaning of Words on Mouse Roll Over while reading Judgments

This feature enables the user to get the meaning of words used in a Judgment on a simple mouse roll over.

How it works:

  • While browsing the judgments, you may come across words/phrases in blue colour as shown above. If you roll the mouse over the word, the legal meaning of that word/phrase pop’s up.
  • Search this word: The same word is searched in Manu Search by clicking on the “Search this word”. The results appear in Search Results window.
  • More: if the meaning is long, click on More to read the full text of the meaning.
  • Currently this feature is available for Supreme Court Judgments on Manupatra

This feature can be enabled/disabled based on your requirement.
To disable, go to My Home- Select the My Preference Options and uncheck the box in front of dictionary Link Preference.

The above option to turn-off the dictionary link feature is available for only non IP users as of now.