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How to get started – Top Bar

  • Manu Search — Word and phrase search interface provides flexibility of Simple, Boolean and Proximity Search.
  • Legal Search — Field Search interface allows you to search for Judgments on Act, Case Note, Appellant/ Respondent/Judge Name, Date Subject, Sub-Subject and Citation.
  • Citation Search — Allows you to search case laws/Judgments through Citation of various Journals.
  • Assisted Search — User needs to simply input the Query in box of choice [5 options to select from] and get to their Relevant Results.
  • Results — Shows you the list of last search results. (If you click once on any search interface the last search results cannot be viewed.)
  • Doc — Takes you to the last document viewed.
  • Search History — Shows the list of last 20 searches done by you. Select from the list and view the search results instead of typing your query again.
  • Analytics is graphical analysis of judgments through search Analytics/Judge Analytics.
    • Judge Analytics gives the analytics of judgments written by the Hon’ble judges of Supreme Court& Delhi High Court (other courts coming soon).
    • Search Analytics is traditional case law research with visualization, which shows the relationship between the cases
  • Session List — is valid only for the duration of current session. Add documents to session list for further action of Email, Print and Save. Once you sign off the session list ceases to exist.
  • My Saved Docs — View the saved documents, these can be saved in different folders. Password security can be enabled on selective folders.
  • My Notepad — To create notes for different documents and add to your list for future viewing.
  • Manu Cite — A gear like icon is shown beside every manuid mentioned/linked in a document, manu cite when clicked displays the number of times the judgment has been cited in other judgments. The treatment of the subject case in other cases is also depicted. Manu Cite when clicked from the top bar displays a sorted view of all the manuids mentioned in the selected judgment along with their cited count and treatment in other cases.
  • Manage Search - To access your saved searches, Click on Manage Search, you can view all saved searches and click on the search to open/edit/delete/set alert.
  • Sign Off — To sign off from site, always use the Sign Off button.

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