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Telephone Support

Manupatra customer support representatives are available by telephone to help you make the most of the software's cutting edge features

Monday through Friday
8.30 am to 6.30 pm
Call: 0120-4014515
CD Support also available at 91-120-4014427
Mon-Sat 11am - 7pm

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Technical Help

Manupatra Site uses POP UPS. You will not be able to view these if Pop Up’s if you disabled Pop Ups in your browser window. You will find the button for enabling the pop up’s in the top bar of your browser.
Open your browser>Go to Tools> Pop Up Blocker

Manupatra uses JAVA SCRIPT
If you are able to carry out searches but when you click on them it sends you back to the home page or gives an error , following can be the reasons:
Clear your cache, i.e Temp Files
Right Click on the browser icon> Under the Temporary Internet Files select Delete Files> Check the box Delete all offline content >Click OK

Manupatra uses COOKIES. Please be sure to have cookies enabled.
To enable cookies:
Open Internet Explorer > Go to TOOLS> Internet Options>Privacy Set the Slider to Low level. Click on Apply to effect the new settings

If you are accessing Internet through a Proxy Server or local server where Java Scripts have been disabled , you may face the above problem. Please have some settings changed at the Proxy server/ local server end
Tools -> Internet Option -> General -> Settings button (set it to every visit to the page) Delete Cookies button to delete old cookies

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 Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x or later (Windows ONLY, not MacIntosh)

 Netscape 8.1 or later

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 Ms JVM 5.0.3805.0 or Sun JVM (JRE)

 Adobe Acrobat Reader (For Print PDF) to read it without downloading.

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 DNL Reader

 Krishna (Hindi) Font