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Subject: Taxation Results: 18

"Mischief Rule" as used in the case of Bengal Immunity Case

Within the context of law, the mischief rule is a rule of statutory interpretation that attempts to determine the legislator's intention. Originating  ...Read More

By: Miss Chhavi Agarwal | 12/15/2010 | Taxation

A Comparative Study Of Value Added Tax In Federal Constitution

Intergovernmental financial relationship is a vital and critical matter. It touches the very heart of modern federalism, as the way in which it funct  ...Read More

By: Mr. Himanshu Ranvah | 01/08/2004 | TAXATION

E-commerce And Taxation

E-commerce occurs in various forms and between various entities in the market. One among the question faced by nations is how to tax it. As the inter  ...Read More

By: Mr. Dayana M.k | 09/30/2009 | Taxation

E-commerce And Taxation

Every industry contributes to the nations economic growth. The communications industry has become very significant and is promising to grow enormousl  ...Read More

By: Miss. Dayana M.K. | 03/09/2009 | TAXATION

Gendering Tax

A close look at tax systems demonstrates how fiscal policies affect patterns of marriage, childbearing, work and education. Coupled with social norms  ...Read More

By: Danish Sheikh and Raadhika Gupta   | | Taxation

Homes To Become Cheaper On Service Tax Exemption

Buying that dream home may have just got cheaper. Property buyers don't have to fork out a service tax any more while buying a house. The finance min  ...Read More

By: Ms. Madhurima Nandy | 02/12/2009 | TAXATION

India –an Investment Opportunity

India today is a vibrant, information technology savvy financially strong country. It is one of the largest industrialized countries, as also has one  ...Read More

By: Mr. Keshav Jetsey | 04/28/2003 | TAXATION

Minimum Alternate Tax: Is There Any Alternative?

Minimum alternate taxation is a measure to address the growing problem of companies that declare high profits, but pay low or no taxes (‘zero-tax’ co  ...Read More

By: Sanjay Kumar | | Taxation

Mystery Of Vat Solved.

In India the Tax regime of indirect taxation was ruled by the Sales tax as the Final tax to the consumers on sales of goods. But a lot of problems we  ...Read More

By: Vineet Kothari | | Taxation

Oecd’s Report On Base Erosion And Profit Shifting (beps) By Multinationals – Salient Aspects

Tax avoidance and Tax evasion are universal human tendencies to escape the burden of taxes payable within the framework of tax laws and are worldwide  ...Read More

By: Mr. T. N. Pandey | 12/03/2015 | Taxation
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