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A Bill That Strengthens The Sovereignty Of India

Indian constitution clearly states that sovereignty of our country lies in the hands of people. On 12 Oct. 2005, this powerful statement regained its  ...Read More

By: Mr. Deeptanshu Singh | | Right to Information


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By: Chirag Khara* | 11/28/2008 | RIGHT TO INFORMATION

Information Technology _ Beware of Internet Frauds

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By: | 11/28/2008 | RIGHT TO INFORMATION

Practical Aspects Of Right To Information Act, 2005

After independence the Right to Information Act at Central as well as State level is a great achievement for our democracy. Right to Information Act  ...Read More

By: Mr. G. S. Dubey | 04/25/2013 | Right to Information

Public Interest Disclosure And Protection To Persons Making The Disclosure Bill, 2010

The Public Interest Disclosure and Protection to Persons Making the Disclosure Bill has been tabled in the Lok Sabha on 27th August, 2010 by Shri Pr  ...Read More

By: Apurba Kundu | | Right to Information

Right to Information - Would it Make a Difference?

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By: T.R. Rustagi* | 11/28/2008 | RIGHT TO INFORMATION

Rights Of Students Under Right To Information Act 2005

Right to Information (RTI) is the right of every citizen in India. Student is also a citizen of India. As applicability of RTI is vast, so the object  ...Read More

By: NALLAVELLI MANASA | 07/01/2015 | Right to Information

Rti On Political Parties - Towards A More Democratic Democracy

A Bill seeking to amend the Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2005 to shield political parties from providing information under the transparency law co  ...Read More

By: Akarshita Dhawan And Himaja Bhatt | | Right to Information

Rti: An Exception To Concepts Of Locus Standi And Public Interest

The Right to Information promotes the regime of transparency and shuns the regime of secrecy. Right to Information Act, 2005 was enacted to uphold th  ...Read More

By: Shuchi Singh And Saket Gupta | 01/24/2014 | Right to Information
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