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Subject: Law Of Torts Results: 6

Absolute Liability: The Rule Of Strict Liability In Indian Perspective

The present article is to analyse the long old principle of Strict liability laid down in Ryland V Fletcher in year 1866 and its development in Indi  ...Read More

By: Bharat Parmar And Aayush Goyal | 08/05/2015 | Law of Torts

Constitutional Tort Law

Since the advent of tort law, people gave much less emphasis on the liabilities of the state as it was the governing institution but gradually there  ...Read More

By: Muskan Rathore | 01/18/2018 | Law of Torts

From Bhopal To Saha -- The Elusive Promise Of Effective Legal Remedy

I would like to express my appreciation to Vice Chancellor Ishwara Bhat and his colleagues, for inviting me to deliver the second Shri M.K. Nambyar  ...Read More

By: Marc Galanter | | Law of Torts

Internet Pornography: Problems And Solutions

Pornography is the presentation or production of sexually explicit pictures, writings or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual stim  ...Read More

By: M Abhijnan | | Law of Torts

Medical Negligence In India

Medical Profession is one of the most reputed professions in the world as we know that doctors are considered as God because they save our lives and  ...Read More

By: Saurabh S Rachchh | 07/14/2015 | Law of Torts

Torts? Law Of Torts! What’s That?

Crocs for crocodiles. Yes!  ...Read More

By: Mr. Safal Sharma | | Law of Torts
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