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Subject: Labour And Industrial Results: 32

‘hire And Fire’ In 2nd National Commission On Labor

Since the release of the report of 2nd National Commission on Labour in 2002, there has been a major apprehension regarding its philosophy among scho  ...Read More

By: Kumarjit Banerjee and Bulbul Khaitan | | Labour and Industrial

An Overview of The Industrial Policies In India

On the eve of independence, the objectives set out for the nation by the government of India were..........  ...Read More

By: Mr. S. Padmanabhan | | Labour and Industrial

Are Workmen Overprotected In Industry?

Labour welfare is one of the important functions of any civilized society. The state must endeavour to provide safe and decent working conditions to  ...Read More

By: Dev Chopra | | Labour and Industrial

Bonded Labour

The existence of bonded labour is not a slur on the administration; rather it is the failure to take note of and to make an effort to put an end to t  ...Read More

By: Ms. Gunjan Chauhan | 01/08/2004 | LABOUR AND INDUSTRIAL

Contemporary Issues And Challenges In Labour Law Reforms: An Overview

Labour Law means Employment Law, administrative rules and precedents which address in the legal rights of and restrictions on, working people and the  ...Read More

By: Archana Sawant | | Labour and Industrial

D.k. Yadav V. J.m.a. Industries Ltd.,

The law regarding voluntary abandonment of service has finally been settled; a domestic enquiry is required to be held. Principles of natural justice  ...Read More

By: Manisha More | | Labour and Industrial

Digital India: Labour Reforms And Challenges

‘Digital India’ is yet another initiative with a vision to digitally empower each and every citizen of the country. Digital India project aims at bro  ...Read More

By: Dr. Sapna Sukrut Deo | | Labour and Industrial

Effects Of Implementation Of The Labour Code On Industrial Relations Bill, 2015

The Indian Labour Law System is characterized by a multiplicity of labour legislations. With the ever increasing disputes in the industrial sector, t  ...Read More

By: Vedavalli S. | 12/09/2016 | Labour and Industrial

Illegal Termination Of Corporate Employees In India- A Critique

The era of globalisation has led to a rapid expansion of corporate market. The swift amplification in the foreign direct investment has changed the w  ...Read More

By: Supriyo Ranjan | 02/23/2017 | Labour and Industrial

Internships: Source Of Free Labour For Organizations?

To secure a good job a student needs internships under his belt. It is a common trend especially among students who are pursuing professional courses  ...Read More

By: Miss Nikita Anand | | Labour and Industrial
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