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Subject: Intellectual Property Rights Results: 409

"ducking" Trips In India: A Saga Involving Novartis And The Legality Of Section 3(d)

This paper is an evaluation of the decision in Novartis AG v. Union of India, where the Madras High Court decided on both, the constitutionality of s  ...Read More

By: Shamnad Basheer | | Intellectual Property Rights

‘copyright World’ And Access To Information: Conjoined Via The Internet

Access to information, despite wide intellectual acceptance, is still a struggle for many in various quarters of the world. In today’s era there exis  ...Read More

By: Tania Sebastian | | Intellectual Property Rights

A Comparative Study Of Intellectual Proerty Rights Issues In Space Activities In U.s.a., Canada And India

The constant evolution of high technology and the ever- changing geopolitical situation underlines the need for the universal harmonization of indust  ...Read More

By: Prashanti Upadhyay | 04/29/2016 | Intellectual Property Rights

A Critical Review Of China’s Approach To Limitation Of The Internet Serviceprovider’s Liability: A Comparative Perspective

In an information society, granting the Internet Service Provider (ISP) exemption from liability under certain circumstances is an important approach  ...Read More

By: Wenqi Liu | | Intellectual Property Rights

A Foreign Outlook On Satyam Infoway Ltd. V. Siffynet Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The first dispute over a domain name occurred in 1993, over the name Since then, there have been innumerous rulings all around the world ma  ...Read More

By: Cédric Manara | | Intellectual Property Rights

A Review And Analysis Of A Selection Of India’s Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Management And Technology Policy Literature

A substantial body of professional and academic literature addresses India’s policy with regard to innovation, knowledge management, intellectual pro  ...Read More

By: Robert H Meyer | | Intellectual Property Rights

A Study On Global Intellectual Property Right Governance: From The Perspective Of Structure-functionalism

Using structure-functionalism as analyses method, this paper researches the functions of IPR NGOs, especially in the process of globalization, during  ...Read More

By: Xuefeng Liu | | Intellectual Property Rights

A Study On Patent Trust System In Korea

With the importance of intellectual property rights, utilization of IP is the key strategy at both firm level and national level. Patent trust syste  ...Read More

By: Junghee Han And Hee Jung Leeb | | Intellectual Property Rights

A Tool To Enhance Competitiveness Of Smes

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are the driving force of most economies with a proven capacity to innovate and to generate new ideas and te  ...Read More

By: Wolfgang Starein | | Intellectual Property Rights

Accounting For Intellectual Property: Inconsistencies And Challenges

The recognition of rights attached to some forms of intellectual property is a contested domain in legal frameworks, such as the Trade-Related Aspect  ...Read More

By: Lee Moerman And Sandra van der Laan | | Intellectual Property Rights
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