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Subject: Information Technology/Cyber Law Results: 37

‘disclosure Of Information’: A Breach Of Contract Under It Act, 2000

(Note from Editor: We have come across incidents where disgruntled BPO employees have sold or misused the personal information of the customers of th  ...Read More

By: Aashish Satpute | | Information Technology/Cyber Law

A Legal-comparison Of The India Software Law And The Software Law Of Germany

India has emerged as one of the leading destinations for offshore outsourcing in software industry and has attracted the attention of software indust  ...Read More

By: Thomas E. Soebbing | | Information Technology/Cyber Law

Balancing Online Privacy In India

There have been disturbing press reports and Articles on the Information Technology (Amendment) Act, 2008. The sea counts broadly wallowed out the in  ...Read More

By: Apar Gupta | | Information Technology/Cyber Law

Beyond Copyright : Possible Solutions To An Internet Governance Regime

COPYRIGHT HAS OUTLIVED ITS UTILITY Along time ago, a brilliant example of man’s scientific vision came to light with Charles Darwin’s Theory of Natur  ...Read More

By: Meera Jayakumar & Hemangini Dadwal | | Information Technology/Cyber Law

Bias In Search Results? : Diagnosis And Response

The author explores allegations of search engine bias, including understanding a search engine’s incentives to bias results, identifying possible for  ...Read More

By: Benjamin Edelman | | Information Technology/Cyber Law

Claiming The Social: Beyond ‘law As Technology’

This special issue is the first of its kind in seeking to connect the conceptual categories of Law, Technology and Society in India, and this by itse  ...Read More

By: Naveen Thayyil | | Information Technology/Cyber Law

Cloud Computing And Its Legalities In India

Cloud computing refers to mode of storage of data and information that concerns providing hosted services over the internet  ...Read More

By: Pritish Sahoo And Taruna Jaiswal | | Information Technology/Cyber Law

Cybercrime Vs Cyberlaw- It Is Just A Beginning

The genesis of internet was initiated by Vinton Cerf who first developed what later became known as the ‘internet’ i.e. the interconnectivity between  ...Read More

By: Mr. Rahul Anand | | Information Technology/Cyber Law

Data Protection Efforts In India : Blind Leading The Blind?

This paper, after establishing the need for effective data protection in India, goes on to describe the rudimentary measures taken in the country til  ...Read More

By: Latha R Nair | | Information Technology/Cyber Law

Development In Law And Use Of Technology: Relevance For Judge’s Research

The Judiciary is one of the institutions on which rests the noble edifice of democracy and rule of law  ...Read More

By: Jasdeep Kaur | | Information Technology/Cyber Law
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