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Constitutionality And Desirability Of Right To Reject Candidates In Elections

India has a distinct identity in the world order as a vibrant and functional democracy. Nevertheless, the Indian democracy faces certain grave challe  ...Read More

By: Shashikant Hajare | | Election

Electoral Reforms

Democracy has not been a free gift for most of the present democratic nations including India. India earned its independence and democracy after a lo  ...Read More

By: Prashanti Upadhyay | 03/09/2016 | Election

Electoral Reforms: Issues And Challenges In The Domain Of Criminalization

Free and fair election is a mandate given by the Constitution of India, 1950 for a parliamentary democracy. The word “democracy” coined in the Preamb  ...Read More

By: Mithun Bansode | | Election

Electrol Reforms: Supreme Court Guidelines

Elections play very important role in democratic countries. Every democratic country must have a sound election body. Constitution of India created  ...Read More

By: Mamta Awariwar | | Election

New Pattern Of Democracy Through Electoral Reforms

Over 60 years have elapsed after the British have left, and India was proclaimed independent. If one is able to traverse across the length and breadt  ...Read More

By: Miss Kavitha K | | Election

Reforming Election Funding

The tremendous influence of money power especially black money on elections is one of the major evils associated with the electoral process. Urgent r  ...Read More

By: Namit Oberoi | | Election

Regulation Of Election Campaign Finance In India: Making Elections Truly Free And Fair

The essence of any democratic system is the healthy functioning of political parties and, consequently, free and fair elections. Conducting fair elec  ...Read More

By: Sidhant Chandalia And Anirudh Lekhi | | Election

The European Union And The Ambivalence Towards The Process Of European Integration

The European Union (EU) was established by the Maastricht Treaty in 1993 but its origins date back, in an unbroken line of institutional continuity,  ...Read More

By: Rostam J. Neuwirth | | Election
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