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Subject: Contempt Of Court Results: 3

Contempt Of Court: Finding The Limit

The propensity of the judiciary in recent times to frequently exercise its contempt jurisdiction has led to a burning debate on the justifiability of  ...Read More

By: Mriganka Shekhar Dutta and Amba Uttara Kak | | Contempt of Court

Judicial Accountability And Contempt Of Court: Comparing India With U.k., The U.s.a. And Singapore

Judicial Accountability is often thought to deal only with the appointment of judges, their tenure, impeachment, etc. In light of the pending Judicia  ...Read More

By: Spadika Jayaraj | | Contempt of Court

Relevance Of Leila David Vs State Of Maharashtra In The Context Of Contempt Law

The rule of law is the foundation of a democratic society. The judiciary is the guardian of the rule of law  ...Read More

By: Rudra Dutta, Parul Bose And Priyanshu Gupta | 08/18/2015 | Contempt of Court
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