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Subject: Civil Results: 85

“payment Of Principal Or Interest Principal Debtor Or By Surety, Does Or Does Not, Save The Period Of Limitation Against The Other”

The first decision In Gopal Daji Sathe v. Gopal Bin Sonu and Ors came in 1903 from Division Bench of the Bombay High Court and the next in Brajendra  ...Read More

By: Raghu Raman | 03/09/2016 | Civil

A Possible Reading Of “the Nature Of The Judicial Process”

This paper, very simply put, is an attempted subversive reading of an influential text on how judges reach a decision—The Nature of the Judicial Proc  ...Read More

By: Mr. Sandipto Dasgupta | | Civil

Acknowledgement Of Debt By A Partner—are Other Partners Also Liable?

The legal provision in Sec. 20 (2) of the Limitation Act, 1963 declares that an acknowledgement or part payment,1 as he case may be, made one partner  ...Read More

By: C.s. Raghuraman | 10/09/2015 | Civil

Aging, Gender And Poverty -- The Case Of A Slum In Bangalore

Studies on the relationship between ageing and gender relations typically focus on comparing the condition of elderly women with that of elderly men.  ...Read More

By: Sarayu Pani | | Civil

Air Carrier Liability For Passenger Death Or Injury Under Carriage By Air Act 1972

Carriers' liability for passenger death or injury during the transportation by air has become a major area of controversy in India especially post Ma  ...Read More

By: Sandeepa Bhat B. | 08/26/2016 | Civil

An Analysis Of Non-refoulement In Indian Legal Framework

According to Goodwin-Gill ‘refouler’, means ‘to drive back or to repel, as of an enemy who fails to breach ones’ defences’  ...Read More

By: Megha Purohit And Mayank Purohit | | Civil

An Attempt To Judge A Judgement

In view of the recommendations made by the Law Commission of India in its 84th report, the Parliament amended the provisions relating to ‘offence of  ...Read More

By: Mr. S.v. Joga Rao | | Civil

Appointment of A Receiver - Guiding Principles

I deem that it is seminal aspect to reminisce about guiding principles for appointment of a receiver in the light of Krishnaswamy Chetty v. C. Thanga  ...Read More

By: Mr. Y. Srinivasa Rao | 07/16/2012 | Civil

Appointments To Final National Courts – Lessons From Charles Darwin

This article argues in favour of encouraging variations in judicial appointments, based on the idea that differing views, stemming from differing val  ...Read More

By: Mr. Michael Kirby Ac Cmg | | Civil

Are Flashbacks Permitted In The Drama Of The Law?
a Comparison Between The Doctrine Of Contemporanea Expositio And The Principle Of Contemporaneity

The nature of law is such that it has to achieve a refined and distilled blend of the static and the dynamic. It has to provide the reassurance of ce  ...Read More

By: Mr. Dev Saif Gangjee | | Civil
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