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Journal: Bharati Law Review Results: 96

A Critical Overview Of Censorship In Indian Cinema In The Light Of Role Of Cbfc

Cinema is an artistic expression of ideas, stories and often opinions, sometimes inspired by reality occasionally set to music, designed to enthral,  ...Read More

By: Satyam Rathore | | Miscellaneous

Advertising By Legal Professionals

India is a country having over 1.2 million lawyers.1 However, as stated by Llyod Pearson, a London-based Legal Directories Consultant, there is insu  ...Read More

By: Isha Kalwant Singh | | Miscellaneous

An Insight Of The Armed Forces (special Powers) Act, 1958

The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 is one of the first anti-terrorism legislation which was passed by the Parliament to counter terrorism an  ...Read More

By: Roopal Tripathi And Atipriya Gautam | | Miscellaneous

Arbitration And Conciliation (amendment) Act, 2015 - Key Changes And Circumstances Leading To The Amendments

The President of India promulgated the Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Ordinance, 2015 on October 23, 2015 with a view to amend the Arbitrat  ...Read More

By: Zabeen Motorwala | | Arbitration

Arbitration Is Not, And Should Not Become, A Law Unto Itself

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an alternative to the first system of dispute resolution that is courts. ADR is wide term in which comprises  ...Read More

By: Nikhil Kashyap | | Arbitration

Are We Doing Only Lip Service To Bachan Singh: Relooking Into Sentencing In Murder From 1990's-2016?

The objective of this research article is to understand the general sentencing pattern of the Apex Court and test them on the principles of ‘rarest o  ...Read More

By: Tushita Gaur Sharma | | Criminal

Book Review: Democracy And Media Decadence (2013).by John Keane.cambridge University Press

This piece of writing attempts to review the book Democracy and Media Decadence authored by John Keane who is an eminent Professor of Politics at the  ...Read More

By: Vandana Bakshi | | Media and Telecommunication

Brexit: Assessing Referendum’s Potential Impact On Ip Policies And Its Implications

With the Brexit vote, separation of UK from the EU is imminent, though it will not happen overnight as UK has to fulfill significant number of comple  ...Read More

By: Sumit Sonkar | | International Law

Carbon Credit And Finance: A Contrivance In The Attainment Of Sustainable Development

Carbon Credit is a brainchild of Kyoto protocol, which was introduced by United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC, 1997).  ...Read More

By: Anindhya Tiwari And Priyanka Dhar | | Miscellaneous

Compensation On Breach Of Fundamental Rights

On the off chance that a man has a right, he should of need have a way to vindicate and keep up it and a cure on the off chance that he is harmed in  ...Read More

By: Parmindra Dadhich | | Constitution
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