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Journal: Bharati Law Review Results: 240

A Comparative Analysis Of The Law Relating To Antiarbitration Injunctions

With the advent of globalization and with the role of information technology becoming greater in global business, import, export, outsourcing and sev  ...Read More

By: K. R. Avinash | | Arbitration

A Critical Analysis Of Ecosystem Services With Special Reference To India

Individual tree provides some service value to the humans, viz., it provides economic utility other than its commodity values as cut timber. Likewise  ...Read More

By: T. M. Prashanth | | Environment

A Critical Overview Of Censorship In Indian Cinema In The Light Of Role Of Cbfc

Cinema is an artistic expression of ideas, stories and often opinions, sometimes inspired by reality occasionally set to music, designed to enthral,  ...Read More

By: Satyam Rathore | | Miscellaneous

Advertising By Legal Professionals

India is a country having over 1.2 million lawyers.1 However, as stated by Llyod Pearson, a London-based Legal Directories Consultant, there is insu  ...Read More

By: Isha Kalwant Singh | | Miscellaneous

Aggrieved Women And Live-in Relationships: Judicial Discourse

Lon L. Fuller contributed more than any other individual to the revival of Natural Law in the postwar years. He emphasized the theory of inner morali  ...Read More

By: Rajendra Anbhule | | Women and Child rights

An Insight Of The Armed Forces (special Powers) Act, 1958

The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 is one of the first anti-terrorism legislation which was passed by the Parliament to counter terrorism an  ...Read More

By: Roopal Tripathi And Atipriya Gautam | | Miscellaneous

An Overview Of Intercountry Adoption With Special Focus On India

According to Black’s Law Dictionary, adoption is the act of one who takes another’s child into his own family, treating him/her as his own, and givin  ...Read More

By: Dr. Achina Kundu And Ayushi Kundu | | Family Law

Analytical Study Of Pollution Control Boards In Implementing The Air (prevention And Control Of Pollution) Act, 1981

In India consciousness to protect the environment and measures needed to restore it exists since the early days of civilization. The Vedic history be  ...Read More

By: P. M. Joshi | | Environment

Analytical Study Relating To Rights Of Transgender Vis-a-vis Supreme Court Verdict Nalsa V. Uoi 2014

But whatever a person is gay or transgender or straight, it doesn’t change the fact that they are trying to lead their own life.  ...Read More

By: Dr. Ujwala Bendale | | Human Rights

Analyzing Indian Criminal Justice Administration From Victims’ Perspective

The victim constitutes the most important as well as the most aggrieved entity in any criminal justice administration. The emergence of “victimology  ...Read More

By: Mr. Amit Bhaskar | | Criminal
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