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Source: Jamia Law Journal Results: 26

Afcons Infrastructure Limited V. Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation Limited And Anr.

India’s economic growth and prosperity has been on a steady rise over the last decade owing to rigorous policy changes thereby attracting higher leve  ...Read More

By: Sanjana Buch | | Commercial

Age Of Criminal Responsibility And The Child Criminal Justice: Imperatives Of Developmental Model Of Juvenile Justice For India

Children are the ‘subservient’ and ‘underclass’ of the society and their development is directly connected with how we raise them  ...Read More

By: Muzaffar Hussain Mir | | Criminal

An Analysis Of Non-refoulement In Indian Legal Framework

According to Goodwin-Gill ‘refouler’, means ‘to drive back or to repel, as of an enemy who fails to breach ones’ defences’  ...Read More

By: Megha Purohit And Mayank Purohit | | Civil

Climate Change And Human Rights: The Meeting Of The Twains

CLIMATE IN a narrow sense is usually defined as the average weather. Broadly, it can be defined in terms of the mean and variability of relevant quan  ...Read More

By: Stanzin Chostak | | Human Rights

Communal Harmony: Need Of The Hour

INDIA IS a country of multi-ethnic culture where people belonging to different religious, racial, cultutral and lingual identities live together harm  ...Read More

By: Dr. M. Asad Malik | | Constitution

Computer Programme –does Itwarrant Patenting: A Case Study Of India

“EVERSINCEa demand for ‘software patents’arose fromthe early 1970s, these patents have been problematic.”1 Hitherto patents used to be granted to reg  ...Read More

By: Dr. Sajid Z. Amani | | Patent

Corporate Governance And Its Efficacy In Present Era

Few decades ago Governance as a word was rarely used by businessmen. Now, to run their organizations, almost all the organizations follow governance  ...Read More

By: Dr. Qazi Mohd. Usman | | Corporate

Critical Evaluation Of Draft Surrogacy (regulation) Bill, 2016

Ever since commercial surrogacy was legalized in India it has grown to become a big industry since 2002 and is often called the ‘surrogacy capital’ o  ...Read More

By: Prabhanjan Kumar Singh | | Civil

Driving Away The Bio-pirates: A Newperspective To Protect Traditional Knowledge In Contemporaryworld

The importance of biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge (TK) protection has increased immensely in the recent past, due to the technological leap in  ...Read More

By: Zubair Ahmed Khan | | Intellectual Property Rights

Education, Minorities And Constitution Of India

IN ANY democracy whose people stand divided by differences of religion, language, race, culture and socioeconomic factors, one of the tasks that a co  ...Read More

By: Faizanur Rahman | | Constitution
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